About Lightspeed

Running your own business is tough. There's always time-consuming tasks that you don't have time for getting in the way of you growing your business and helping your customers. Well, if you run a restaurant or retail store, you now have a reason to celebrate. Lightspeed is a set of tools built to make your life as a restaurant or retail store more relaxed and efficient. Restaurant and retail store owners everywhere, rejoice.

Lightspeed has been helping out restaurant and retail store owners since 2005. They have quickly become one of the leaders in restaurant and retail point of sale and management software. Found in restaurants and shops in over 100 countries, Lightspeed is trusted by business owners everywhere.

Expect your business to grow and become modernized with Lightspeed's robust set of features. Lightspeed's features include POS, eCommerce, loyalty, analytics, cloud-based database, accounting, menus, kitchen display system, fantastic customer support and more. Lightspeed also offers multi-store POS, making them the perfect solution for restaurants and retail stores of all sizes.

Thanks to Lightspeed, restaurant and retail store owners everywhere are saying goodbye to time-consuming tasks and hello to the future of business. If you are looking to grow your business and leave mundane and repetitive tasks in the past, Lightspeed could be the POS and software solution for you.